Wednesday, May 13, 2015

And we are hatching......

Here its the video of the first little duck "Peeper" hatching.  Our students are sooo excited.
Peeper has graduated to a bigger space.  Here he can stay warm and dry out!

Thursday, April 30, 2015

More about our duck journey....


Kynslee turning the eggs.  We are down to 4 fertile eggs.

Candling journal page.

Inside the Egg journal page.

We asked "how are Runner and Pekin ducks different?"

Thursday, April 23, 2015

An Egg is Quiet!

We are learning all about the life cycle of a duck in Room 203! Here are a few photos of our journey so far.....

            We have received eggs from two different types of ducks, Runner and Pekin.  We are very excited to have to privilege of hatching our own eggs and playing the role of "Mother Duck!"                                 
Authors hard at work creating their own "An Egg is Quiet" books.

Here are our 12 eggs in the Incubator.  3 Runner Duck eggs and 9 Pekin Duck Eggs.  The incubator keeps the eggs safe and warm while they are developing during the 28 day process!  The students turn the eggs throughout the day just as a Mother Duck would do!
Here is Anna's "Incubator" page from her "An Egg is Quiet" book.

Nadia is candling the egg.  She is looking for veins and movement.  So far, we have 2 Runner ducks with veins and movement.  We are very hopeful that the others will show up soon!!
We learned that animals that hatch from eggs are called Oviparous Animals.  To begin this study of oviparous animals, the students picked a picture of an animal then had to form groups based on the animal attributes.  It was a lot of fun watching them decide which animals go where! 
Forming groups based on attributes.
After forming groups and discussing each animal, we learned that all these animals hatch from eggs.  We then made an anchor chart!

A friend's "Animals that Hatch" page from "An Egg is Quiet."

        Today, we had the privilege of skyping with a 4K class that has Runner, Pekin, and Mallard ducks.  Their ducks hatched on Easter so they had a lot of information for our students!  Our students asked some questions about the ducks and are now excited to see what our ducklings are going to look like!

Spanish Club

We had a few Spanish Club friends come visit us from BSMS.  They taught us about the piƱata and let us give it a try!

Madison and Hunter gave their best shot! 

Spanish Club Friends, Drew and Adam!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

We created a rain cloud today and recorded our experience in the wonder journal!  The students loved watching it rain.